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Louisiana is home to the famous Mississippi River, Red River, Toledo Bend, and Lake Pontchartrain. Some of Louisiana’s best views are on these bodies of water, and to no surprise they are popular attractions for natives and visitors to visit.

With nearly 13 million boats registered in the United States, it is to no surprise that the amount of boating and maritime accidents is on the rise. Thousands are killed in the U.S every year due to boating accidents, or injuries resulting from working on a vessel, rig, or floating platform.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

  • Inexperienced operator
    The operator of a boat may not be fully educated in all boating guidelines, which may result in danger to all boats on the water. Inexperienced boat operators are the leading cause of boat accidents today.
  • Not paying attention
    If a boat operator becomes distracted, and is not paying attention to the water ahead, they often times are not given enough time to react. This type of negligence may result in serious injury.
  • Dangerous Waters and Bad Weather
    The weather can be unpredictable. Water during high winds makes it difficult to navigate a boat.
  • Passenger Behavior
    If passengers are being distracting, and obscures the view for the operator, they put themselves and other boats at great risk.
  • Alcohol
    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal on the roads, and illegal on water. An individual’s judgment and vision is impaired after the first drink, putting the lives of everyone on the water at risk.
  • Speeding
    Speeding on the road results in cars not being able to react quickly enough when needed. The same notion applies for boats. Boats do not have brakes, so it is important to slow down in advance with enough space between another boat.

Types of Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents are serious mishaps that can result in injury, and death. Common modes of transportation on the water that cause accidents include:

  • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • Cruise Vessels
  • Ships, and Cargo Ships
  • Tugboats

Maritime workers and/or seamen are a specialized class of workers recognized by the Constitution in the case law. As a maritime worker, you may be entitled to special benefits based on your classification as seamen.

Injured on Water in Louisiana – We Can Help

New Orleans Maritime Accident Attorney, Michael Hingle, will work to get maritime workers all of the benefits they are entitled to under the law. If you are hurt on a vessel, a rig or a floating platform, you may be entitled to money damages in order to compensate you for your injury.

You need an experienced attorney to help get you the benefits you deserve. Michael Hingle & Associates can provide you with the experience necessary to get you what you are entitled to. For a free consultation, call 1-800-USA-JURY.

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